animal disease

animal disease
a disease that typically does not affect human beings
Hypernyms: ↑disease
warble, ↑anaplasmosis, ↑aspergillosis, ↑brooder pneumonia, ↑bighead, ↑bovine spongiform encephalitis, ↑BSE, ↑mad cow disease, ↑bull nose, ↑camelpox, ↑canine chorea, ↑chorea, ↑catarrhal fever, ↑chronic wasting disease, ↑costiasis, ↑cowpox, ↑vaccinia, ↑creeps, ↑hemorrhagic septicemia, ↑pasteurellosis, ↑fistulous withers, ↑fistula, ↑fowl cholera, ↑fowl pest, ↑hog cholera, ↑distemper, ↑enterotoxemia, ↑foot-and-mouth disease, ↑hoof-and-mouth disease, ↑foot rot, ↑black disease, ↑sheep rot, ↑liver rot, ↑distomatosis, ↑heaves, ↑broken wind, ↑red water, ↑rhinotracheitis, ↑rinderpest, ↑cattle plague, ↑scours, ↑scrapie, ↑shipping fever, ↑shipping pneumonia, ↑spavin, ↑loco disease, ↑locoism, ↑looping ill, ↑mange, ↑moon blindness, ↑mooneye, ↑murrain, ↑myxomatosis, ↑Newcastle disease, ↑pip, ↑psittacosis, ↑parrot disease, ↑pullorum disease, ↑bacillary white diarrhea, ↑bacillary white diarrhoea, ↑saddle sore, ↑gall, ↑sand crack, ↑staggers, ↑blind staggers, ↑sweating sickness, ↑Texas fever, ↑trembles, ↑milk sickness, ↑zoonosis, ↑zoonotic disease

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